Fran Bow Game Online Play Free

Explore a fantastic and sombre world of little Miss Bow! In this indie horror, you are going to switch between two worlds, real and imaginary. Carefully examine the locations in both variants to be able to go further. Also, meet many interesting and sometimes creepy characters that will play a certain role in the story. This incredible project, created by Killmonday games is available on pc. Enjoy an elaborate adventure and a mystical story of one girl, who unknowingly stepped in a dark universe.

Live a hard life of Fran

The main character of Fran Bow is a young girl that struggles with her mental health that is extremely unstable. She also experiences some awful events concerning her parents. All these actions lead her away from home. Although, the world turned out to be quite a dangerous place. Help Fran to get home safely and to set the residents of the other world free from evil. On your way, you are going to encounter various creatures. Some of them will help you with your missions or give you new tasks, and the other ones will try to stop you. Use your creativity to get through the obstacles and outsmart your enemies.

Your faithful companion will be a black cat named Mr. Midnight. He is going to travel with you and guide you through terrifying locations. You will even get a chance to play for it!

Solve the elaborate riddles

The gameplay of the project is filled with multiple puzzles that you will need to complete in order to achieve your aim. Note that they progressively become more difficult with each chapter! So you will have to apply all your skills and imagination to deal with it.

However, if a particular quest is too hard for you, you can use some hacks and peek at the solution. Certain brain teasers require much attention from you, so if you missed a code somewhere, this may help you, too.

On the location, you are supposed to look for certain objects that you can apply to some mechanisms. The game gives you hints, whether you can interact with an object or a creature. Look for different items and store them in your inventory. In some cases, you will need to create a tool yourself. Just combine several objects in your inventory to get something new.

Communicating with the characters is quite interesting as well. You will not only be able to find out more about the plot, but to influence the dialogue. Choose the option you think is the most suitable and see the reaction to it. Remember, that the friendlier you are to others, the more they are willing to help you!

Dive into the mad universe

Fran’s world is colourful and full of details. If you play the game attentively, you can notice a lot of interesting elements that add to the story. All the pictures and tiny parts of the mechanisms are fascinating. On the other hand, the gloomy other world amazes you with terrifying and bloody details. You will constantly see rotten corpses, awful creatures, skulls, murders and other cruel things. Investigate both terrains and find links between them that you will use to your advantage.