Continue travelling with Fran Bow! You are going to explore a whole magical kingdom and meet its residents. You and your loyal cat Mr. Midnight are going to find out what is happening in this place and how to get out of it.

Meet the creatures of the Second Reality

At the beginning of the chapter, the game will unexpectedly let you play for Mr. Midnight. He and his owner found themselves on a colourful lawn. Although now Fran has a little problem, she turned into a tree. Your main aim will be to find her purse with all the instruments and the jar with the pills, of course.

While the local doctor will give the girl an opportunity to move, you will still need to find a medicine that will turn Fran back into a normal human again. During conversations with the king and other citizens, you will find out that the Great Wizard may help you with this situation. From this time, your main objective will be to find him.

The peculiar feature of this reality is that it changes with each season. You will have to select the right one in order to unlock some locations. For example, some facilities are open only in winter or autumn.

Complete the quests from the Wizard

When you will find a way to switch the season, you will be able to finally meet the famous Wizard. However, he won’t help as soon as you expected. The ritual that can turn Fran Bow into a normal state requires certain materials that you need to gather. Explore the previous locations during different times of the year and find each of them.

That is when the game gets elaborate. To get every item, you will need to complete several missions from the locals. Your trip will be a long one, but eventually you will collect everything for the ritual. Meanwhile, you will discover more interesting details about the creatures that inhabit this place and their amazing stories.

Sometimes, Fran is going to see awful things from her past. As she doesn’t have her medicine anymore, she can’t get rid of it. Fortunately, your favourite pet is still with you and it will help to get away from those disturbing nightmares.

Fran Bow Chapter 3