Play the final chapter of Fran Bow and see the end of her incredible story. Fran finally returns to her aunt Grace, but everything is not that simple. She is in a parallel reality and all the characters she meets here are only pretending to be her friends. You need to get out of here as soon as possible!

Although, your own version from the alternative reality won’t be against you. Another Fren is going to help you get out of the room. However, you will still have to play multiple mini-games in the room that seems to be quite familiar.

Having got out of the location, you will notice that the house resembles a bizarre hotel with different numbered rooms. Examine each of them to find useful objects and to ask if anybody has seen Mr. Midnight. In addition, you are going to encounter the same monsters from the previous chapters. This reality is hostile to them as well, so try to help them if it is possible.

Certainly, at the end of the journey you can’t miss a chance to get even with the main antagonist. This demon will try to convince you to give up, but you haven’t made your long trip for nothing. You are going to be shocked by how the plot is unfolding. Gather all your strength and gain the support from your friends to fight it.

Fran Bow Chapter 5