Fran Bow is a game about a difficult and dangerous adventure of Fran, who is trying to return home. Help her to reach her aim and not to be caught by evil monsters. You are going to visit a lot of different locations and meet its unique inhabitants.

Solve various kinds of riddles

The game consists of many sorts of puzzles that you are going to deal with. You will look for the right passwords, solve puzzles with colours, numbers and other peculiar details. Also, you are supposed to collect items in your inventory to use them later.

If you are not sure about the purpose of an object, you can ask Fran herself about her opinion. She will give you a hint on where or how you should apply it. You are able to combine the objects as well. Select two of them and press the needed button to see if you can somehow join them. Use your logic to determine whether you need to construct something.

Some of the things you are going to receive from other creatures. Chat with them and find out what they need. In the dialogues, you can pick up several options, depending on the way you want to play. They can also tell you about the surrounding world and their own lives. The more you communicate with them, the more elaborate you will find the history of this world.

Delve into two dimensions at once

Due to the medicine Fran Bow got in the hospital, she can peek into the outer world. This frightening dimension may help you to resolve the puzzles and to escape some places, too. Use a pill from the jar on the bottom of the screen to get to the other side and take another pill to go back.

While you will be examining the unsettling terrains, you will be able to enjoy the unique graphics that make the project so distinct. The presence of a huge amount of tiny elements in each location makes searching for specific objects harder. However, it is more interesting at the same time, as you have to use the maximum of your attention.

The exciting fact is that the second part of this amazing project is already being developed. Soon enough you will be able to play it and finally get to know what happened to this little brave girl. Maybe she will set another trip to an unknown place where she will surely find new friends.

Fran Bow 2