Come to know the other world full of different creatures and spirits with Fran Bow. Being a young girl, Fran has already seen many horrendous events that left an indelible mark in her mind. As a result of a peculiar sequence of events, she entered a hospital. Help her to find a way out of this depressing place!

The mysteries of Fran’s world

During a major part of the game, you will play for Miss Bow. You will also help her a little bit using the paws of her beloved cat Mr. Midnight. Although, at the beginning, you will notice that the cat disappeared. Your search will eventually lead you out of the hospital and to the adventures.

Your journey will be accompanied by constant solving of various riddles and searching for diverse instruments. Fran has a highly vivid imagination, so she can use objects in very unusual, yet practical ways. Examine the location carefully and pick up any item you can.

Later you will be able to combine them. Although, before applying them, it is better to look around and listen to Fran’s thoughts. She will tell you her peculiar thoughts about the objects, decoration and the current mission. You can also speak to the creatures that you will encounter. They can give you useful advice that will help you to navigate in the area.

Find out where your dangerous trip will lead

The project consists of five chapters, each of them telling a separate part of Fran’s story. Where will her curiosity bring her? Play all the levels and reveal the truth about the girl herself and her mental problems.

You are going to visit numerous different areas. They all look very different and each of them has its own inhabitants. Moreover, Fran is able to see the parallel dimension with bloody inscriptions and disturbing creatures. You can enter this dimension, using the medicine you received in the hospital.

Fran Bow Chapter 2023