Fran Bow is a dark adventure project that shows the story of a girl, who lost her parents. Due to the barbarous events she had witnessed, her mental state was disrupted. That is how Fran ended up in a mental hospital, where the game is going to start.

Get to the other side

In the hospital, Fran received special pills that are supposed to keep her sane. Instead, they show her the other dimension, where blood is everywhere and creepy monsters are living. Although, most of them are not as evil as they seem. Talk to them and they will tell you what is going on in this world and what you need to do.

Travelling between two dimensions, you will be able to solve various puzzles. Search for some details in one world and apply them in the other one. The project is based on this feature that will make you use your inventiveness to go further.

You will start your adventure with the escape from the hospital. Operate your newly purchased abilities and get away from this unfriendly place. At the same time, look for your cat Mr. Midnight. Search his possible traces and find out what happened to your beloved pet.

All your findings you can use in the devices you are going to encounter, investigate to get additional information about the object or mix with other ones and receive a totally new thing. Improvise and play with the items in unusual ways.

Make new friends in the magical terrains

Once you enter the dangerous world, you will need to find a company. Communicate with the habitats of the locations you are going to visit. They will give you missions that you can complete to help them and benefit yourself simultaneously.

Although, some of the creatures wish only for your impending death. You will be haunted by demons that will make you fail, if you won’t be careful enough. Try to avoid vicious monsters and continue your journey safely. Remember, that you have special abilities that give you a serious advantage.

Another important trait of Fran Bow is that she is very friendly and helpful. On your way home, you will be able to save a whole kingdom from an atrocious demon that will constantly plot against you. Fight it and find out about his true intentions.

You are also going to gather the real story piece by piece. By collecting the letters, newspapers and notes, you will find out more about Fran, her family and her true mental state. Play this psychological horror and uncover the hidden aspects of this tale.

Fran Bow